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The community of the consortium Breed4Food is represented by several people of the five partners. For coordination of the research program PPP Breed4Food III, each Work Package has a leader and a co-leader. The overall coordination of the research program is the responsibility of the program leader and manager Breed4Food. On a more strategic level, each partner has appointed a senior researcher as representative in the Working Group. Together with the program leader and manager Breed4Food, the Working Group initiates and formulates research proposals in the Breed4Food field and guide and monitor projects once started. Furthermore, the Working Group is there to approve affiliate projects in which at least two of the five Breed4Food partners are involved. Finally, the Board is  the governance body of the cooperation with a high level representative of each of the five partners. The Board supervises the research and other activities as performed by Breed4Food to be in line with the scope and intentions as stipulated in the consortium agreement of Breed4Food.

Research Program

Jeremie Vandenplas Breed4Food 2022Jeremie Vandenplas Breed4Food 2022Aniek Bouwman Breed4Food 2022Barbara Harlizius Breed4Food 2022Claudia Kamphuis Breed4Food 2022Britt de Klerk Breed4Food 2022Erik Mullaart Breed4Food 2022Karel de Greef Breed4Food 2022 Mario Calus Breed4Food 2022Han Swinkels Breed4Food 2022

Working Group

Roel Veerkamp Breed4Food 2022Erik Mullaart Breed4Food 2022Jeremie Vandenplas Breed4Food 2022Han Swinkels Breed4Food 2022Lisanne Verschuren Breed4Food 2022


Johan van Arendonk Breed4Food 2022Johan van Arendonk Breed4Food 2022Hans Olijslagers Breed4Food 2022Hans Olijslagers Breed4Food 2022