Research Projects

The Breed4Food program focuses on the development of innovative research projects in two major research areas:

  • Utilizing DNA information
  • Precision Phenotyping

Across the two areas Breed4Food will deliver new applied knowledge, distinct and innovative methods, software and tools, resulting in scientific breakthroughs to enhance genetic improvement to realize a profitable livestock sector, contributing to sustainability and meeting societal challenges.

Beside the two research areas, there is also a partnership between B4F and STW.


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  • Utilizing DNA information
  • Precision Phenotyping
  • Breed4Food STW Partnership
  • Other projects
  • Rapidly increasing training populations require efficient genomic

  • Through sequence data, an enormous wealth of detailed DNA

  • The main aim of pig and poultry breeding programs is to improve

  • Efficiency of livestock is an important trait. However, measuring

  • This project explores novel phenotyping methods for locomotion to

  • The main aim of this project is to explore new innovative techniques

  • Livestock are often kept in large groups. Identifying and monitoring

  • This project explores longitudinal data to provide resilience

  • Animal production is responsible for 14.5% of total anthropogenic

  • In this project we developed statistical genetic methodology to

  • To investigate de novo mutations in pigs and to investigate how new

  • Accurate prediction of animals’ future phenotype, especially at an

  • The past decade has seen a tremendous accumulation of genomic

  • Crossbred performance is the ultimate breeding goal of many livestock

  • In this project, we develop and apply a comparative responsible

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